Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Catholic Classroom Project #07: Lent

Welcome to the season of Lent 2014! Share your Lenten journey with other Catholic classrooms around the world by participating in this latest global project. It's easy to take part, and we would love to see what great things you and your students are doing.

You're invited to send us your Lenten pictures and reflections. What kinds of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are you doing for Lent? Here are just a few examples of the kinds of things you might wish to share:
  • What do the Stations of the Cross look like in your church?
  • Do your students make drawings or paintings of the Stations of the Cross? Send them in!
  • Is your school collecting food or other items for the needy? Show us!
  • How about a "selfie" of your ashes? (No faces in the picture, please!)
  • Do you have a bulletin board or prayer corner decorated for Lent? We want to see it!
The project will run through Holy Week, so feel free to keep adding pictures: Seder meals, palms from Palm Sunday, anything you can find that relates to the season of Lent.

Participating is as simple as sending an email with a picture attached to it. Of course, you don't even need to send a picture. Invite your students to write Lenten prayers or reflections and send them via email to be posted here on the Catholic Classroom.

Send your pictures and words to this email address:


Remember to include your grade, school, city, and country.

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