Friday, May 17, 2013

The Colorful Mother of Our Savior

St. Mary's, Bellevue, NE, 6th Grade
         I think this picture of the May Crowning of Mary really reflects the Blessed Virgin. How I think this reflects her is that she was truly a beautiful flower. Flowers bring life to the world, and Mary brought not only the Savior of our sins into the world but, she brought the guidelines on how we should all act. She taught us that we can trust God no matter what comes frightening to us. She taught us that we should be kind and carry out our mission to serve the Lord whatever he asks us to do. Mary followed the way of God by carrying out her part in God's plan so that we may return to him and the Holy Mother. Flowers are also colorful and beautiful. Mary didn't have to be pretty in her face features but, she is the most beautiful in the actions and responsibilities she decided to take so that we could be saved by her son. And this is why Mary the  Blessed Virgin is a role model to me.    

We Honor Mary

St.Mary's, Bellevue, NE
6th Grade

   At my school, we honor Mary with a May Crowning. Students place beautiful bouquets of flowers in front of a statue of Mary. Then, the eighth-graders place roses in vases. After we do this, everyone sings Ave Maria. I think this is one of my favorite things we do in church because it's very pretty. It feels very holy in the church after we crown Mary, and I think that's a very nice time to pray. To pray for guidance, and to pray for compassion.

My Topic on Mary

St.Mary's, Bellevue, NE 6th Grade

   I look up to Mary because she never said no to God. She didn't refuse when Gabriel came down and told her she was having the Savior. Or when Jesus was going to be crucified. She never lost hope in God, even in the roughest times. She is amazing and a phenomenal role model. 

Mary In All Of Her Grace.

St. Mary's, Bellevue, NE 6th grade 

  This photo of Mary  is my favorite because of what it represents. In this picture, it shows the many miracles of Mary and also how she helped many people believe. I never really understood what was happening in the photo until, a few years ago. I love how her eyes and mouth are Juan Diego presenting the roses to her. I also think that the angels as her veil are very pretty and graceful. Mary looks very elegant and the artist did a very nice job to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sacred heart of Mary

St.Mary's Bellevue, Bellevue, NE, 6th grade
        The Sacred heart of Mary is one of the most inspiring picture I ever seen. When I see that picture it remind me how much Mary loves me and each of her children. This picture remind each and everyone of us the way Mary is loyal to God, and how she is always with us. No matter what kind of problem I'm in when I think of Mary, she comforts me and gives me courage to face that problem. Mary is one the good role model we should look up to. In the way she said yes to God may we say yes to the Lord by following Mary's example.     

May Crowning

St. Mary's Bellevue, Bellevue, Nebraska 6th Grade 

     During the month of May we go down to church and have a May crowning ceremony for our Lady of the Runways. Since First Communion, and Confirmation are the sacraments received before May crowing the 2nd, and 8th Grade put the crown on Mary. During the ceremony everyone sings Immaculate Mary and the crown is placed on Mary during that time. When the ceremony is finished the 2nd, and 8th Grade go up by the statue and we take pictures of the Mother of God. After the pictures are taken the rest of the school has one person from each grade take up a collection of flowers and place it by the feet of Mary.  

Mary in May

St. Mary's Bellevue, Bellevue, NE, 68005 

      Mary is very important and should be recognized in all catholic schools. She is very holy and is the Mother of God. She should be prayed to for help and she passes all prayers to God. Mary was chosen to be the Mother of God and was always a follower of God himself. Mary was there when Jesus died on the cross and was assumed into Heaven. She is all over the world and we should pray to her in everyday life.   

Mary in May

St. Mary's Bellevue, Bellevue, Nebraska 6th Grade

The Virgin Mary knew the weariness of the journey. She knew she had to do what ever it would take to keep her own child safe. With everything she had done she was grateful for a safe home protected by God. Mary was devastated when Jesus had wondered into the temple of the Lord. She had known that he would love to worship God at any and all costs but she still loved to make sure he was still there. She let out a sigh of relief as she saw him all safe and sound in the temple preaching the Word of God. Like the Virgin we are called to act with justice and to love our foes just as much as our friends. We are called to respect God and all of his creations and works. Love and care about others just as the Blessed Mother did.  

Mary's Crowning

St. Mary's Bellevue, Bellevue N.E., 6th grade

    Every May our school crowns the Blessed Virgin Mary. The crowning of Mary symbolizes when Mary was crowned by angels rising up body and soul into Heaven. Mary ascended to Heaven just like her son (Jesus) did. Mary is the Mother of our Savior Jesus Christ and also when Mary came into Heaven, God made Mary the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Since Mary believed in God the Father, she was rewarded for her faith in him,Mary was with her son again.  

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fwd: Catholic Classroom

St. Mary's Bellevue, Bellevue, Nebraska. 7th Grade

This is a photo of Mary taken at our school church. At St. Mary's, we celebrate Mary with May Crowning. During May Crowning, we put a crown on Mary, and fill vases with flowers from each class. During the procession, we sing "Ave Maria" and "Immaculate Mary." This is our way of honoring Mary here at our school. 

Fwd: Mary Our Mother

Mary our mother is royal
and to her faith is loyal.
Just like
od is giving
and to everyone forgiving.
Although she is a
all people are her children.
She accepts all people equally
and wants us to pray frequently.

St. Marys school
8th grade
Bellevue, NE

Friday, May 10, 2013


St. Mary's Bellevue 7th Grade Bellevue,Nebraska

 I chose this picture of Mary from my school because I like whats it represents. It represents Mary "OurLady" watching over our military on Offut Air Force Base.

Mother of
All that is
Yours and mine.

Mary- May Crowning

Every year, St.Marys School has a may crowning ceremony. The 8th graders are able to put the crown of flowers on Mary. This year, I have finally been able to participate in the crowning. It was special to be able to offer up the time for Mary, the mother of Jesus. Participating in May crowning helped me realize the sacrifices Mary made for us.

St. Mary's Bellevue, Nebraska

8th grade

Linda Sweeting
Technology Coordinator 
St. Mary's Bellevue

"It's not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings."  - Ann Landers

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Mary pictures

This is a statue that my grandpa has in his back yard that I like to look at and just think about my family and my life. It has been there for as long as I can remember its like its a part of my life.J.T.C

May Crowning

St.Mary Bellevue,Ne
8th grade

Every May we crown Mary. It is our way of giving thanks to Mary for all she has done for us.
We have Mass on the first Friday of May.
After the Mass the two 8th graders crown Mary and the other 8th graders put the flowers around Mary.Then we all sing the Ava Maria.We do this every year to show our appreciation to Mary.

Mary, a poem

St. Mary's Bellevue, NE
8th grade

Dear Mary,
You were the only one,
who agreed to have God's son.
You stood there and cried,
as that very same son had died.
You help all those who lose their loved ones,
and show them ways of happiness and fun.
You are so humble, you are so sweet,
you help those who are beat
by sin and tragedy
and those who weep.
You help the great and the less,
and save us all from death.
Thank you Mary.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Beautiful May Procession in Virginia

We had a beautiful day yesterday. St Gregory's celebrated our May Procession in Virginia Beach, Va.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Wooden Mary

This is a wooden Mary statue type of structure. In the picture it's not hanging on the wall but it is normally hanging in our basement. I live in Spokane Washington and go to all saints school. At our school we have a Marian mass at our schools perish. In the mass everyone is suppose to bring a flower and they gather all the flowers on the alter. GM

Mary Holding our Savior

May Crowning

St.Mary's Bellevue, NE
8th grade

At May Crowning we celebrate Mary. We shower her with flowers to show that we love her. A crown is put on her head as a symbol that she is the queen of Heaven. Two students most like Mary are chosen to put the crown on her head. We do this every year to celebrate Mary. 

Mary, a friend

St. Mary's School, Bellevue,
8th grade

Mary has been there where others have made me feel lonely or sad. I have always appreciated Mary not just because she's our patron. I have prayed to Mary when I needed help or when others needed help. I always feel safe with Mary around. I will do all that she tells me to do.

May Crowning

St. Mary's 
Bellevue, Nebraska
8th Grade

I have learned a lot about Mary over the years. We do a lot of things in religion but learning about Her  stuck out to me. I love hearing about all of the brave things she has done and I look up to her as a remodel. Every year we do May Crowning and I was honored to be picked to crown Mary. I loved seeing how one special person kept all of us kids together through all these years. Mary is an important person in my life.  

Mary's May Crowning

St. Mary's Bellevue, NE 
8th Grade

Mary is a special person in our lives. She was the mother of Jesus, and she cared for Jesus until the day he died. Every year, the eighth grade from our school does an even called "May Crowning". During this time, the eighth grade places a crown on Mary's head. When we place the crown on Mary's head, we read a special prayer.

May Crowning

 St.Mary's Bellevue,NE
8th Grade
Our May Crowning this year was our responsibility and it made me happy to be the honored class. Instead of being out side ,this year it had to be inside due to snow and heavy rain outside the day before. When the vibrantly colored crown made its way to the altar it looked like a scene from a movie. The priest came to bless the crown and then Mary was crowned. As the month of May has started ,she was then then surrounded by flowers. The statue became the most eye-catching thing in the church.

May Crowning Joy

 Bellevue, Nebraska St. Mary's 

Every year my school chooses a girl and boy in 8th grade to crown Mary. Every grade also gets to bring up flowers. When I was growing up I couldn't wait until it was my turn to get to be in eight grade so I could help with May crowning. This year I am in eighth grade so I got to help. I really liked that I got to a chance to help honor our schools patron saint: The Blessed Mother.


Bellevue, NE
St. Mary's Catholic School
8th Grade

The patron saint of our school is Mary. Mary is pretty important here at St. Mary's and we celebrate her in many different ways especially like May Crowning. The 8th grade here places vases of flowers around the statue of Mary to show our honor to her. This happens every year and the 2nd graders also participate in it because their our buddies. The rest of the grades all bring up flowers that we place around the Mother of God. We also honor Mary in other ways all throughout the year.

May Crowning

 St. Mary's Bellevue NE
8th grade

In May my school crowns our statue of Mary. Ever since kindergarten when I watched the two kids crown Mary I always wanted to crown her. Even though I wasn't chosen, It was still a great experience. Mary is very honored at our school because she is our patron. When my class crowned her it was really nice to take time out of our day to honor her. I think that when we honor her it makes her happy up in heaven, so that when we pray to her she will watch over and protect us. 

Mary, our Holy Mother

Bellevue, Nebraska. St.Mary's, Bellevue, 7th grade.   

This is a statue of Mary at our May Crowning ceremony at St.Mary's Church in Bellevue, Nebraska. I chose this picture because of how it truly resembles the Blessed Mother. The flowers around her represent life and it shows how she is in the center of it all. This picture also shows Mary crowned with flowers, representing her as the Queen of Heaven. I believe that this picture shows the Mother of God in her full grace and glory.      

May Crowning

Bellevue, NE. St. Mary's Bellevue
, NE 7th grade

I chose this picture of Mary because it reminds me of May Crowning. May Crowning is an event at my school where 8th graders honor Mary by placing a crown of flowers on her head. Second graders, then, place assorted flowers around her presence. This all happens in front of the whole school after Mass.I think that May Crowning should happen a lot more in May because Mary deserves to be honored more than just once.


Mary's Sacrifice

Bellevue, Nebraska St. Mary's, 7th grader.

Mary's Sacrifice

Mary made a really big sacrifice to have Jesus, she was subject to ridicule for her pregnancy. Even Joseph started to hate her. Mary knew that God would help her through that and he did. Jesus was born and lived a good early life. Then, Mary had to go through the horrid murder of her one and only son. That is something amazingly hard to do. This photo I have here is a statue right outside of our school. Offutt Air Force Base is right next to our school and this statue represents Mary protecting those who go through a lot and fly for our country. She is a great example for us to live by.  

Our Blessed Mother

St. Mary's Bellevue in Bellevue, Nebraska, 7th grade

This is Mary, Our Blessed Mother, at my church, St. Mary's Church, in Bellevue, Nebraska. In May at St. Mary's School Bellevue, we honor Mary by putting flowers around her. We crown her with flowers at the May Crowning to honor her for giving us our Savior. Mary has her arms open to bring people into the church. Mary is always honored in the month of May at my school, St. Mary's.   

The Role Model for the Earth.

Bellevue,NE St.Mary's Catholic School 7th grade

Mary is the role model of my life. She keeps me calm and relaxed. Mary helps me get through my hard times. She always helps me get back up when I've fallen. She should be the role model to all everywhere.

Mary, my idol

Bellevue NE St. Marys 7th grade.

Mary is my inspiration. She inspires me by how she could just say yes to God without questioning Him. When I think about that it helps me allow God to guide me on the path I need to take. I think Mary is so brave, which also inspires me. She completely put her entire life into God. Mary is my idol.

Our Lady of the Runways

Bellevue, NE. St. Mary's Bellevue. 7th Grade.

I chose this photo of Mary because she has open arms to anyone. Her open arms resemble peace and acceptance to everyone. She symbolizes peace and non-excluding. She is the person who never would abandon someone; she would accept them. She is a true example of Jesus because she is open to everyone. I saw all of this in the photo.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Mary upon my door

This is the Mother Mary upon my door. I love having Mary on my door because every time I go up to my bedroom I remeber to always say yes to God.


I am in 8th grade at All Saints Catholic School in Spokane, WA. In May, we have a special Marion mass to celebrate Mary. We can invite our parents and grandparents an everyone brings flowers to the altar. This is a picture of the statue of Mary I have in my garden.

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Statue of Mary from Nativity scene

I am in the 8th grade at All Saints Catholic School in Spokane,WA. In the month of May, as a school we have a big special mass for her in the beginning of the month. It's called the Marian Mass. We also do many service projects to help others, like Mary did herself! -OS

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Mary Mother of God

Marble Rosary

I'm from Spokane, and go to All Saints. I'm in eight grade. At our school we collect flowers at mass to celebrate May.


Mother Mary

Mary mother of Jesus

Honoring Mary During May

Spokane, WA
All Saints Catholic School
8th Grade

During the month of May, my school has a Marian Mass that honors Mary. During the mass all the students bring flowers and place them around the statue of Mary, also during that mass, which we had today, our priest told us about how each flower is a symbol of Mary's love, purity

Mother Mary

I'm an 8th grader in Spokane, Washington. I go to All Saints Catholic School. At All Saints, we go to a special Marian Mass to celebrate her.

Mother Mary

This is a picture of Mary in my grandma's garden. I am an eighth grader at All Saints Catholic School in Spokane, Washington. To celebrate Mary, we have a special Marian Mass to honor her and bring flowers.

Mother Mary

Spokane,Wa. All Saints Catholic School, 8th grade.

This is a photo of a statue of Mary that my family has in our house. I think it's really cool because of the design. Our parish had a Marian mass to celebrate Mother Mary, and everyone brought flowers for her

Mary's Nativity scene atop the Hutch! D.V.

Spokane Wa. All Saints Catholic School. We have an all school mass in may for Mary.

Mother Mary

This is a picture of Mary from one of our three nativity sets at home (my favorite set is a Little People Nativity). I edited the pic with Adobe Photoshop on my iTouch, so that's why it's rainbow. :) As I'm sure you've heard from the other eighth graders at All Saints Catholic School, we have a mass to honor Mary every year in May, to which we bring flowers for her.
Spokane, All Saints Catholic School
Eighth grade


This is a picture of Mary that goes with a Christmas nativity scene.

I go to All Saints Catholic School in Washington. To celebrate Mary we have a Marion Mass, and we all bring a flower or a bouquet to honer Mary.

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