Monday, September 16, 2013

Prayer for Peace

Dear God, pray for an end to the violence in the world specifically the violence in the Middle East, including Syria and Egypt.  May there be peace in these troubled areas of the world and there be an end to the suffering and death to the citizens in these countries.  We pray for happiness and love in the lives of people currently living in the war torn areas of the world.  We pray for this with all our hearts.   

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Lord, please help all those in trouble with their country. I hope they will be okay and will have no more problems then they do. Please help the family's with their Heath and safety. Please send them hope and love and guide them to peace. I hope everyone will have the comfort they need. I pray they will find their loved ones, end their hunger, and find peace, hope, and love in their lives.

Peace Prayer

I pray for peace in the middle east and that no more deaths will happen in these war torn countries.  I also pray that the U.S never forgets 9/11 and continues to pray for the people who passed away on 9/11.

Prayer for Peace

Dear God,

I pray that the world will for once come to peace and that there will be no more wars and fighting. I have a special prayer for those in Syria that are struggling to live normal lives while the civil war is occurring in their country. I pray that the chemical warfare will end in Syria. No more lives need to be taken from the innocent. Finally, I pray that all of the other war stricken countries can find peace and the help they need to live normal lives. Thank you God for listening to my prayer and I truly do wish for peace.


Prayer for Peace

Dear God
Please grant peace to all the world. Especially those in war-torn countries. God grant peace in Syria. Help the women and children there. Lord may you guide the leaders, of the countries in the Middle East and all of the world, that they make wise choices to protect the lives of their innocent civilians. God send the Holy Spirit's strength and wisdom to those who have to fear their lives everyday because of violence. God grant us peace here in our communities too, so that we may all be peaceful and kind to one another. Thank you God for the peace that you grant us every single day.  Amen.   

Prayer for peace

God I pray you for the peace on Syria Egypt and in all the world because that's not fair for everybody and give Paz to everybody in the world

End The Conflict

Lord Jesus Christ, help end the conflicts in Syria. Before now, everything in the world was beautiful, loving, and peaceful. Now because of us, everything is ruined an destroyed your peaceful world. I pray to you that you can give us the strength to end these conflicts of hate peacefully. Give us the knowledge to find the peaceful solution to this conflict. Please forgive us for what we have done. Please give us the love to love our brothers and sisters. Lord, hear our prayer. Amen

End The Conflict

Lord Jesus Christ, help end the conflicts in Syria. Before now, everything in the world was beautiful, loving, and peaceful. Now because of us, everything is ruined an destroyed your peaceful world. I pray to you that you can give us the strength to end these conflicts of hate peacefully. Give us the knowledge to find the peaceful solution to this conflict. Please forgive us for what we have done. Please give us the love to love our brothers and sisters. Lord, hear our prayer. Amen

peace for people

      "peace and friendship with all mankind is our wisest policy, and I wish we may be permitted to pursue it"- Thomas Jefferson. this quote is a great example of this society. many of us want peace happiness no suffering or sadness. we do everything we can to help by donating clothes food and money to help others but we look around and see that the world still isn't perfect. we strive to help those in need but still nothing is perfect. sometimes we feel as though we don't make a difference. when we come together in prayers of peace we should feel that we are making a difference that just praying is a great way to make a huge difference. Yet we still feel useless. Now I see Thomas Jefferson's quote coming alive that peace is our wisest policy and how he wishes we can pursue it. You might agree with this then you look at your self and see that feeling you don't make a difference makes you stop trying so keep trying so we can peruse happiness and peace forever."when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"- Jimi Hendrix.

Prayer of Peace

Dear God,
Help us to love one another and bring peace to eachothers hearts. Please Lord,Bless our souls with your love so that we follow in your ways instead of hurting one another but helping one another. Warm those with peace who are suffering. Guide us in the right direction and bring peace,love, and faith into the world.   

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

            Bring us upon your Blessing:

    I pray that we may treat our brothers and sisters under you, with the same love and respect we show our loved ones;
That all over the world, everyone may see that we are one under you.
    I pray that blood shed may cease down and unite us in our suffering;
That we may all see that taking venegeance for the ones we love by taking another's life, makes our doing no more than what they have done.
    Let us all see that we are all alike, and bring the world the peace you given us the choice of.

Please give our government leaders the wisdom and fear to make the right decisions for all
and Pray for the innocent in Syria and Egypt, that they may be protected from the cruelty of their rulers and from the harm that we are able to send.

Hear our prayer for the peace we long for and Give us all the strength to walk through our journeys of war, terror, cruelty, and the
life we now lead.


Prayer for Peace Assignment

Dear Lord,
  Please bring your peace to those countries that are at war. In your mercy keep Syria and Egypt's people safe from all of the violence going on around them, for they do not deserve to be punished in the ways that they have been. In your wisdom help our world leaders become more aware of what they are doing not only to their people but also indirectly to others throughout the earth. Please help everyone around the world know that this way of treating each other is wrong and should not be happening.  Help us all to understand that we should be living peacefully together in the same world and should be working together to make things better for each other. Hear my prayer Dear Lord and grant us peace.

Prayer For Peace

In these times of tension, we should all pray that our world leaders make wise decisions regarding Syria.
We should pray for the citizens of Syria, especially the children in these times.  We pray that they are safe and we wish that they do not have to worry every day for their safety and for the safety of their families.
We also pray for peace in places like Egypt and other places in the world that are struggling with conflict or hunger.
Lastly, we pray for peace in our community.  We pray for peace at All Saints and other schools and for the students and teachers that may be struggling.

Peace prayer

Send Thy peace O Lord, which is
perfect and everlasting,
that our souls may radiate peace.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that we 
may think, act and speak harmoniously.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that we 
may be contented and thankful for

Thy bountiful gifts.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that amidst
our worldly strife, we may enjoy That 

all darkness may vanish.

I pray for all the little children in Syria that they may be safe from the bombs that might be launched. I also pray for the United States government that they may think strongly of them, and that it will be disengaged. For all of are men and women serving our country that they make have a safe ride back, and for them who have died over seas that the friends and family of them will be brought to comfort. And also for all toughs who are homeless, that they may find a safe and comfortable home before the cold season comes.
Please god help our world to accomplish peace.
To follow your name and listen when we are in our darkest hours.
please help the middle east to accomplish what they want peacefully and
to stop harming your people.
please grant me the serenity to try and accomplish peace myself.
I pray that you watch over Mitchell in heaven and protect all of your
in your name,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Prayer for Peace

I pray for everyone suffering from war torn countries,
And for the soldiers who have died fighting for their country.
I pray that the fighting cease,
And that the suffering and dying end.
So I ask you, O Lord, to lead us to peace,
And save us from the tragedy we have inflicted upon ourselves.

Hear the cries of all those suffering,
And heal them from their pain.
Protect your people,
As death creeps upon them.
Take away our despair,
And fill us with hope.
Soften our hearts,
So that we may use words instead of violence.
Rid us from our ignorance,
And help us become peacemakers.
Take away our hatred,
And bring us love.

Save us, O Lord,
From the tragedy we have inflicted upon ourselves.
Lead us to peace.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Prayer for Peace

There are many problems with the world at this time, and there are many people that need to be prayed for:

                I pray that children in war torn countries are able to go to school and get a good education.  That they are able to eat and drink food and water each day.  That they have the supplies they need to be successful throughout their lives.  I also pray that the parents of these children encourage them to be the greatest they can possibly be.

                I also pray for the adults and children in Syria and Egypt.  That they are able to wake up in the morning and not be afraid that their loved ones may be killed, or that they may be killed.  I pray the children can enjoy their childhood.

               I pray that the nations of the world resolve all their problems and are able to give their citizens a happy, heathy environment to live in.

                "Peace is a journey of a thousand miles, and it must be taken one step at a time" - Lyndon B. Johnson 


Prayer for Peace


Grant me the serenity to live the way I can, think the way I think and courage to Change the things that are possible. Let those changes help me to make peace where I am able to in the world and help others do the same, just as Jesus has inspired us to do in our everyday lives. Let these changes help to lead everyone to happiness in their lives and to be in peace when they need it or when they don't they can help others to be in peace.


I pray a prayer of peace.

Dear lord,
I pray for the world I pray that 
you bless us with your love 
and that we may be kept by
the Holy Spirit in times of war
and in times of grief when we are
scared and feeling alone that you
show us the way. I also pray for 
peace, for peace of the world and
that we can all see your love and
that we can all come together 
in your light. And that we as people will 
keep faith and prayer in our daily lives.
I also ask that you bless us each and 
everyday and that you will lead us the
way to follow yo into your kingdom.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Catholic Classroom Project 02: Prayers for Peace

Project #2

    Welcome back to school everyone!

    For this month's Catholic Classroom project, we'll take the lead of Pope Francis and pray for peace.

    Here is this month's task:
    • Write a prayer for peace. Use any format you wish.
    • Illustrate it with a photo or drawing.
    • Email the prayer and the picture to
    • In the body of the email (above the picture if you attach a picture) include the following items:
      • Your city and school.
      • Your grade.
    • Be sure to write a catchy title and put it in the subject line of your email.
    Remember, there should be no students in any pictures you send.

    And keep checking back to read the new posts and to comment on the ones that touch your heart!